19 Aug - Beachy Head East Marine Control Zone (MCZ) - In March this year the government designated an area from Beachy to Hastings as a Marine Control Zone - Marine Control Zones are similar to nature reserves for the sea where the aim is conserve the sea bed and prevent over fishing – so some activities are restricted. There are many MCZ round the world and now many off the coast of the UK. The best known one for the UK is Lundy Island where the designation of MCZ is thought to have increased fish stocks and the diversity marine life. However, Lundy is managed as a “no take” zone ie no fishing but in other MCZ sustainable fishing is allowed. The sites are managed by DEFRA in consultation with “local stakeholders”.

The website notes that the site contains two marine Sites of Nature Conservation Importance (mSNCIs); the Royal Sovereign Shoals and the Horse of Willingdon Reef. Two protected wrecks are also incorporated in the site; Norman’s Bay and the Amsterdam. A diverse mixture of marine species are found at Beachy Head East, including sponges, anemones, sea squirts, erect bryozoans, encrustations of ross coral and starfish. Some of the best blue mussel beds in the region are contained within the site. The diverse habitats provide important feeding grounds for many fish species, including short-snouted seahorses, black seabream, native oysters and European eel. It is believed that herring spawn on the gravel beds in the early spring.

08 August - Water Treatment Works - Update from Southern Water. "As is normal practice, the works' operations team have been preparing for the poor weather that's forecast for tonight (8 August 2019) and onwards into the weekend.

As part of our management plan for this period, from midnight tonight (at the earliest) until 8am on Friday morning, we will be running a number of temporary generators that are on site. This is to make sure the works' storm-water pumps have a source of power to enable them to deal with high flows due to heavy rainfall, should there be a power outage, as there was the weekend before last.

The same arrangement with the generators is also likely to be in place for Friday night into Saturday. It is important to note that the above measure is purely precautionary, with the generators that will be 'live' located within the walls of the works' above ground compound, helping to minimise any noise. Of course, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience that may be caused to local residents, as well as thank them for their patience and understanding."
Southern Water

03 August - Waterlines Published. The August edition of SHRA's digital newsletter has been published. Find it here...

22 July - Harbour WI publish the note of their July meeting. Click here to read it....

18 July - Communal letter box area thefts - There are reports of scumbags breaking into letterboxes during the afternoon to retrieve bank cards they have fraudulently applied for using a Sovereign Harbour address. Immediately report the receipt of any unapplied for bank or credit card account details to the bank concerned. If you find your letterbox forced open, report it to the block's management company and the police. Letterboxes with broken locks are more likely to be utilised, and the owner may never know; so if your letterbox has a broken lock get the management company to fix it pronto, or get it done yourself by contacting a locksmith. Make sure you don't allow people in to your apartment block if you don't know them.

18 July - Litter, Weeds and Rubbish - There has been a change to the contractor engaged by EBC for street cleaning and weeding services and rubbish collection. Kier have been replaced by South East Environmental Services Limited (SEESL). Further details can be viewed on the Sovereign Harbour Neighbourhood Panel website...

01 July - Asda Petrol Station closed for three months - the petrol station has closed for a major refurbishment and the addition of a self-service car jet wash. Scheduled to re-open Monday 23 September.Click here to view plan of new layout...

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Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne , East Sussex, is a large, prestigious, marina-side development of houses and apartments arranged around an outer tidal harbour, four inner habours and alongside waterways and the shingle beach.It is also a busy, commercial marina and a working port for the Eastbourne Fishermen There is an RNLI lifeboat station, a yacht club and many restaurants, cafes and bars. It is a great place to live, and a great place to visit!

The Harbour was dug out from an area of vegetated shingle known as The Crumbles begining in 1991. House building commenced in 1997 and continued for ten years. More recently, a new medical centre has been built and the local junior school enlarged. More housing is under construction, and Pacific House, the first building of an Innovation Park, has opened. In late 2017, work started on a long-awaited community centre.

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