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walk logo24 Sep - Next weekend (29/09-01/10) - three-day walking festival  - being held in Eastbourne and Lewes to encourage people to discover the joy of walking. Features a series of free walks designed for all ages and abilities, graded in ease and difficulty, and showing  approx. mileage and time. Guided and non-guided walks in Eastbourne iExternal link logo (scroll down) include a three-mile hidden heritage walk. There are also longer rambles from five to 12 miles over the South Downs. Further details on the walking festival web site... External link logo

20 Sep - Temporary Closure of Site 1 Area During Beach Work - Now that site 1 (near Langney Point) is under development there is not enough room for the beach work lorries to pass each other and safely avoid pedestrians and dogs. As a result, Pevensey Coastal Defence (PCD) External link logo have announced that when shingle bypassing work is in progress, access to the Site 1 area will be closed off by temporary fencing at the end of the outer harbour prom and at the end of the main Eastbourne prom. Access between the two points will be via Martinique Way.

Although the temporary closure is regrettable, the beach work is essential and walkers, dogs, lorries and bulldozers just do not mix. The next round of work is due to start on 2 October.  Please click this link for an information sheet with furter details and location views... 

19 Sep - Pevensey Bay Library Closure - You have probably heard that the East Sussex County Council are proposing to close 7 libraries, including the libraries at Pevensey Bay and Langney, and are starting a consultation period on the proposals. Tory MP for Hastings and Battle, Huw Merriman, with help from district councillors, has arranged a public meeting in Pevensey on Monday 25 September at Priory Court Hotel, Castle Road Pevensey, at 7:00pm to discuss the closure of Pevensey Bay library. View the event poster on our 'Events' page...

18 Sep - Parking on School Keep Clear Markings - Changes to Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) - Parking outside schools at drop off and pick up times is always very busy and drivers are often tempted to stop in places that they would not usually, sometimes this includes on the school keep clear markings. These markings are placed outside schools to improve safety for pedestrians and it is crucial that these are kept clear of vehicles. To tackle this safety concern, from 5 September East Sussex CC will be changing the way they issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) to vehicles that stop on the keep clear markings. If the vehicle is driven away before the PCN is placed on the vehicle or handed to the driver, it will be sent to the owner or keeper of the vehicle by post. Read more...  External link logo

17 Sep - Thursday Fun Quiz Nights at SHYC - Fun quiz with an opportunity to spend an evening with friends. If you're on your own we've got plenty of people that would love you to join their team - alternatively make up a team of your own (max 6). Free to SHYC members, £2 to non-members all welcome. Bar open from 17.00, quiz starts 20.30. The dates to Christmas are: 21 September, 5 and 19 October, 2, 16 and 30 November and 14 December. Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club... External link logo

14 Sep - Excuse to Spend Money (old £1 coins) - The Easbourne Herald reports that  the old pound coin will officially lose its legal tender status as of midnight Sunday 15 October 2017, meaning it won’t be accepted anywhere in the UK. Read more... External link logo

11 Sep - Building Site Burglary - From Sussex Police. “There has recently been a burglary at the Port Moresby Place building site on the North Harbour.  A number of tools have been taken, along with a little bit of damage.  With a number of building sites on the Harbour at the moment Police are asking residents to be vigilant to any unusual activity on the sites after hours.  Many of these sites do have their own security, however if residents see anything odd, or out of the ordinary they are encouraged to call Police so we can hopefully prevent the crime from happening."

02 Sep - Longer Grilling Hours on The Waterfront - The Habour Grill, Unit 5, The Waterfront, has applied for longer opening hours. Please see this notice...External link logo Comments on the application may be made to EBC by post or on-line at EBC Planning... External link logo (search using the application reference number 171009), by 25 September.

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Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne

Built on land known as The Crumbles, Sovereign Harbour is a prestigious marina development of houses and apartments arranged around an outer tidal harbour, four inner basins and alongside waterways and the shingle beaches. It is a great place to live!.

The digging out of the harbour started in 1991 and residential construction commenced in 1997. More recently, a state-of-the-art medical centre External link logo has been built, and the local junior school External link logo has been enlarged. Further housing is under construction External link logo on three sites, and Pacific House, the first office building of the Innovation Park External link logo, has opened. The adjacent retail park offers a range of popular stores, including a large supermarket, along with a multi-screen cinema and a gym.

Sovereign Harbour Residents Association (SHRA)

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Visiting Sovereign Harbour

The Waterfront, Sovereign HarbourThe Harbour is an interesting place to explore, with leisure and fishing boats, the sea locks, a harbour boat tour, the lifeboat station and the many harbour and beach-side walks and cycle paths. The South Harbour has a large water feature External link logo See maps...

'The Waterfront' area at Sovereign Harbour offers a wide range of restaurants, cafés, and bars, some shops, and beauty, health and hair salons. Visit The Waterfront web site External link logo for further information and to obtain discount vouchers.

The adjacent Sovereign Harbour Retail Park has several large stores, including Asda, Boots, Matalan and Next, a gym and a multi-screen cinema. The Waterfront and the marina are home to a number of companies offering services to the business and marine communities.

Eastbourne FishermenEastbourne Fishermen have proposed plans for a Fishermens' Quay at Sovereign Harbour. More info on the Eastbourne Fishermen web site... External link logo

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