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18 Jan - Beachwork Update - from Ian Thomas, Project Manager, Pevensey Coastal Defence Ltd - "The few storms we have had since October have built shingle up against the southern breakwater of Sovereign Harbour. On Monday we will start one week of bypassing the surplus shingle round to the north harbour. No further plans have been made as Northerly winds seem set to dominate for the rest of the month. Best wishes, Ian"  

17 Jan - Rentcharge Demand 2019. Although we doubt the legality of the Charge, we have to urge you to make the payment as failure to do so could have very serious consequences. As in previous years, we suggest you add the following statement when making payment:

 “Please note that my payment is made under protest and that my sending it is not to be interpreted as confirmation of my satisfaction with, or acceptance of the validity, of the current invoice or its level. My payment is made without prejudice to any action taken, or assertions made by me or by others on my behalf, at any time.”

SHRA continues to research and work on the rentcharge issue, but for the moment this work has to remain confidential. We published a little more background information on page 5 of our 2018 Annual Report. Click here to read it...

11 Jan - BT Telephone scam. A member informs us that he has fallen victim to a fake telephone call pretending to be from BT with info about his broadband. The police told him that such scamming is going on all over Eastbourne and the surrounding area and our member is anxious that others are warned of the scam. Sadly, the telephone is no longer the friendly instrument it used to be, and fraudsters will use a fake call pretending to be some official organisation in order to try and get at your savings. Don't ever comply to any unsolicited telephone requests, for whatever reason, for your private financial security information. Just end the call. Some useful information from Which?, including what to do if you've fallen victim to a scam. External link logo


31 Dec 2018 - Apologies for the lack of updates to the web site. I'm unwell at present. Our Chairman and Vice-Chairman are also indisposed though illness. Normal service will be resumed ASAP.

Earlier and on-going items migrate from here to the News page or the Events page.


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Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne, East Sussex, is a large, prestigious, marina-side development of houses and apartments arranged around an outer tidal harbour, four inner habours and alongside waterways and the shingle beach.

Sovereign Harbour is also a busy, commercial marina  and a working port for the Eastbourne Fishermen There is an RNLI lifeboat station, a yacht club and many restaurants, cafes and bars   It is a great place to live, and a great place to visit!

Digging out the harbour from a huge area of vegetated shingle known as The Crumbles began in 1991. House building commenced in 1997 and continued for ten years. More recently, a new medical centre External link logo has been built and the local junior school External link logo enlarged. More housing is under construction External link logo, and Pacific House, the first building of the Innovation Park External link logo, has opened. In late 2017, work started on a long-awaited community centre.

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