Polite But Firm

When you make a complaint you should be polite but firm. Ask them to help you with the matter. Take time to set out the problem clearly, but keep the communication as brief as possible - stick to the point, and don't get sidetracked by wider issues - say what it is you would like them to do. Include photos or video when appropriate.

Keep a record or copy of your compliant, along with the date you raised the issue. If you don't hear anything back within a reasonable period, follow it up.

Always aim to end your communication by placing the ball firmly in their court e.g. end with something like "I look forward to hearing from you" or "Please let me know what action you will take". Any chase-up necessary can then begin with "I wrote to you on the xx of xxxx about (so and so) and asked you to..."

Sometimes it can be helpful to add a reasonable timetable, "Please let me know within ten days what action you intend to take to resolve this matter". This also enables you to chase them up if there is no response with something like, "I wrote to you on the xx of xxxx and requested a response by...".

You may also wish to involve Borough or County councillors or our MP & MEPs

SHRA will continue to press all the appropriate bodies to tackle more effectively the Harbour issues they are responsible for, so let us know if your complaint is not dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Complaint Contacts - Who to Complain to.

It is important that in the first instance residents complain to the relevant authority or body to properly register a complaint, and that whenever possible, they should do so in writing, email or text because a dated paper-trail can be extremely helpful when taking a matter further.

● Abandoned Asda Shopping Trolley - Trolleywise Tel: 0800 316 1241
Email: Trolleywise@wanzl.co.uk

● EBC - Dog Fouling - https://www.lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk/streets-parking-and-travel/

● EBC - Report A Problem - A one-stop gateway for reporting most problems.
www.lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk/report-a-problem/   Tel: 01323 410000  All problems may be reported on this number.

● EBC - Planning & Buildings Control -  Search Planning Applications, Make a Planning Application, Trees and Hedges Protection www.lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control

● EBC - Streets, Parking, Travel - Litter, Street Cleaning, Street Lighting, Car Parking, Bus Passes, www.lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk/streets-parking-and-travel/  Tel: 01323 410000  All problems may be reported on this number.

● ESCC - Highways and lighting, Potholes www.eastsussexhighways.com/

● Parking Enforcement – NSL Eastbourne are contracted to provide parking enforcement services. email: eastbournePIC@nslservices.co.uk
Tel: 0345 6801129

● Southern Water - Smell from Water Treatment Works. Complain to Southern Water: 0330 303 0223, or you can leave a comment on their web site here... www.southernwater.co.uk/feedback  You can write to their postal address: Southern Water, PO Box 41, Worthing, BN13 3NZ. Please also tell EBC that you have complained on 01323 410000, and also inform our local councillors, who can use residents' complaints as their ammunition.

● Sovereign Harbour Neighbourhood Panel (SHNP) On-going issues may also be brought to the attention of SHNP who regularly meet with council officials and members of other bodies to discuss a range of neighbourhood concerns. Email:  shnp21@outlook.com www.eastbournenp.org/21SovereignHarbour/21_news.html

● Tidiness of paths and roundabouts - EBC Neighbourhood First – Zone 3 covers Sovereign Harbour. Email: Customerfirst@eastbourne.gov.uk

● Waterways, bridges, boating - Premier Marinas
Email: sovereignharbour@premiermarinas.com Tel: 01323 470 099

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