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21 February 2017 - to SHRA from North Harbour residents, Ivor and Nina Rumsey

How gratifying to see the welfare of dogs being taken into account in the recent Waterlines article regarding palm oil deposits on Sovereign Harbour beach and the potential harm it can do to them. What a shame that the human species (especially the younger ones) do not attract the same level of concern to rid ourselves from deposits of the dog variety!

Amongst the usual multitude of dogs that frequent our beach everyday are two people with 10, yes 10 dogs between them, with most of them off the lead. I know the majority of dog walkers pick it up, but there is a sizable minority who don't, especially when off the lead, with their owners blissfully unaware of what their dogs are doing.

If all dogs were kept on a lead whilst on the beach, I am convinced this would dramatically reduce the problem. I know this is unenforceable, but even if only a few comply, it would be a step in the right direction. 

I'm sure that most dog owners would say that if we don't like over looking a beach used as a dog toilet and clearing up other person's dog poo, we should shut up and move. Perhaps they are right, as the problem is getting progressively worse as each year passes (notices and extra poo bins make little or no difference).

Most tragic of all, is the collective resignation and acceptance that there is absolutely nothing that we, nor anyone else, can do about this blight on our community.

28 October 2016 - to SHRA from South Harbour resident, Edward Maher

I am writing to you in response to the recently circulated parking restriction proposals with regards to Martinique Way in the South Harbour. Plan number EB 16 052

I am, along with the ACTUAL residents of Martinique Way, disgusted and outraged that once again our standards of living and needs are being totally overlooked. The proposal to remove all but a few feet of parking space outside our homes is outrageous.

As I look outside my home at this moment I see and count 12 cars belonging to RESIDENTS which are parked legally outside our own homes. This proposal would deny us any parking or access and leaves enough parking for possibly half the cars here at this moment. In the proposal outline it states that these proposals are in consultation with and at the behest of residents and business’ requests??

There are NO businesses in the proposed restricted area and NO LOCAL RESIDENTS have requested these restrictions which are ludicrous to say the least. I have, along with other residents of Martinique Way voiced my objections at the website and via email and wish this ‘Residents’ association to also voice its objections in line with the affected residents views.

Tens of thousands of pounds have already been taken from property values in this area with the planning ‘sell-out’ and building works now taking place. I refuse to now lose my ability to park my taxed and registered vehicles at my home address.

I am disgusted with any support for this pointless exercise and question the motives of anyone supporting these proposals.

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