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News items first appear now on the Home Page. We welcome submissions of news stories or information on Harbour issues. Please email the web manager.

beach work20- Sep - Temporary Closure of Site 1 Area During Beach Work - Now that site 1 is under development there is not enough room for the beach work lorries to pass each other and safely avoid pedestrians and dogs. As a result, Pevensey Coastal Defence (PCD) External link logo have announced that when shingle bypassing work is in progress, access to the Site 1 area will be closed off by temporary fencing at the end of the outer harbour prom and at the end of the main Eastbourne prom. Access between the two points will be via Martinique Way.

Although the temporary closure is regrettable, the beach work is essential and walkers, dogs, lorries and bulldozers just do not mix. The next round of work is due to start on 2 October. Please click this link for an information sheet with furter details and location views... 

18 Sep - Parking on School Keep Clear Markings - Changes to Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) - Parking outside schools at drop off and pick up times is always very busy and drivers are often tempted to stop in places that they would not usually, sometimes this includes on the school keep clear markings. These markings are placed outside schools to improve safety for pedestrians and it is crucial that these are kept clear of vehicles. To tackle this safety concern, from 5 September East Sussex CC will be changing the way they issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) to vehicles that stop on the keep clear markings. If the vehicle is driven away before the PCN is placed on the vehicle or handed to the driver, it will be sent to the owner or keeper of the vehicle by post. Read more...  External link logo

school roade markings image

08 Sep - Anti-social behaviour on the Increase - Message from Katy Bourne Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner. "My office has received a number of concerns from residents, communities and businesses across the county about anti-social behaviour. The recorded number of anti-social behaviour crimes increased by 7% or 1,623 additional crimes from September 2016 to August 2017, compared to the same period the previous year...

"At next Friday’s Performance & Accountability Meeting I will be seeking to find out what work the force is doing with partners to tackle anti-social behaviour."

The meeting begins at 1pm on Friday 15 September and you can follow it online here... External link logo  It is worth noting that since 2010, Sussex has lost 644 police officers. Some new posts are now in the pipeline.

07 Sep - Fire and Smoke - The police report that yesterday there was quite a large fire on the waste land between the ASDA petrol station road and the Pacific House business centre (in the vicinity of the site for the proposed Community Centre). It appears some youths set a small fire next to some plastic sheeting that has either been dumped or is being stored on the land. It caught alight very quickly and threw a very large amount of black smoke up into the air visible across most of Eastbourne.The police will be recording it as an arson as it was a deliberate ignition, however at this time they have no suspects.

04 Sep - Site 8 Variations Stopped - SHRA had concerns about these two planning applications that related to the boundary fencing and paving (170685), and a revised water drainage scheme (170885). Following on from our earlier letter to EBC (see News page), SHRA commitee members attended the relevant planning meeting and spoke against the paving and fencing variation, as diid ward councillor, Gordon Jenkins. The application was refused. Earlier, the developer had withdrawn the apllication relating to water drainage that included an overflow in to the harbour.

02 Sep - Longer Grilling Hours on The Waterfront - The Habour Grill, Unit 5, The Waterfront, has applied for longer opening hours. Please see this notice...External link logo Comments on the application may be made to EBC by post or on-line at EBC Planning... External link logo (search using the application reference number 171009), by 25 September.

27 Aug - MP attends SHRA committee meeting. The SHRA committee invited Eastbourne MP, Stephen Lloyd, to their August monthly committee meeting. The committee were able to brief Stephen on various Sovereign Harbour issues, particularly the harbour charges levied on residents and the 'hands-off' stance SHRA is currently taking on the community centre. Stephen assured us that he would assist us where he could usefully intervene. He was particularly annoyed by the length of time it is taking to provide the proposed bus lane linking the North and South Harbours despite money being earmarked for it.

26 Aug - Give your view regularly to Sussex Police - People’s Voice is an ePanel of Sussex residents who have signed up and agreed to complete up to four online surveys from Sussex Police each year. The police are collecting this anoymous information to enable them to find out if they are providing the right services to the right people, depending on their needs. Given the current general discontent with government policy towards police funding and the reductions in police numbers, this is a good opportunity to give some feedback to the police. The next survey is due in early September; sign up now to be involved. Click here for more details... External link logo

25 Aug - Site 8 builders thank residents. As the construction work at Site 8  begins to reach its conclusion, the development manager, Tom Francis, and Huw Carter, the site manager, wish to thank the local residents for their co-operation and understanding while the build was carried out. They apologise for any inconvenience that has been caused and were pleased that most issues were resolved.

25 Aug - Communication from EBC about Site 8.

Planning application:


Site address:

Site 8, Pacific Drive, Eastbourne, East Sussex,


Application for variation of condition 2 of reserved matters granted 9 June 2015 for the development of the site for 8 dwellings, open space and berth holder facilities following grant of outline planning permission (Ref: 141469); amendments are to paving to public open space, retaining tarmac drive on the north and south sides of the site, reconfiguration to planters in public open space, changes to proposed street furniture, new planting arrangement, re-arrangement of shared access and parking area, and amendments to planting edging in public open space.

In relation to the above, the application to discharge conditions of the original permission to amend the drainage strategy for the site has been withdrawn. The Developer has confirmed they will implement the originally approved drainage strategy.

The above variation however continues to propose the amendment to the block paving to be an impermeable block paving. The Lead Local Flood Authority have confirmed that as the permeable paving did not form part of the original surface water drainage strategy the change to impermeable surface is acceptable. Therefore the above application can progress without the accompanying amendments to the drainage strategy.

I write to inform you that the variation of condition application to amend the landscaping proposals will be heard at Planning Committee on Tuesday 29th August 2017 at 6.00pm in The Court Room, Ground floor, Town Hall, Grove Road, Eastbourne

24 Aug - Harbour Calls For Brakes To Be Put On Racers - Eastbourne Buzz have published a video and article about the noisy car and motor bike racing and revving that has been taking place in the Asda and Water Treatment car parks at night. They report that our MP, Stephen Lloyd, has joined in calls for police to up patrols in the area. Click here to view... External link logo

22 Aug - Consultation on Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) - 'Dogs on Leads'.  Eastbourne Buzz has filmed a piece with a North Harboure resident seeking extension of the proposed PSPO (see below), so that it would cover more areas of Sovereign harbour including the North Harbour beach. Video... External link logo The consultation closes at 5pm Sunday 10 September. EBC web site for consultation details and how to comment...  External link logo

18 Aug - North Harbour Beach Owners seek extension of proposed PSPO. As you may know, the North Harbour beaches are privately owned down to the high water mark. The owners wish the PSPOs proposed by EBC (see item below) to be extended to cover these private beaches. Read their press release for further information...

16 Aug - SHRA responds to Consultation on Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) - SHRA has responded to EBC supporting the proposals. EBC are proposing new PSPOs in Eastbourne related to an extension of the summer 'Dog Ban' order on central Eastbourne beaches, and to the extension of the 'Dog on Lead' order to additional areas, including some of the public walkways around Sovereign Harbour (see below).  The consultation closes at 5pm Sunday 10 September. See web site for details and how to comment...   External link logo

13 Aug - Site 7c Planning Application. The developer of site 7c (between Pacific Drive roundabout and Pevensey Bay Road) has submitted a planning application relating to a change of cladding and the provision of steel-framed car ports. The planning application is no. 171004 on the EBC web site... External link logo

beach work10 August - Beach replenishment work - From Ian Thomas, Project Manager Pevensey Coastal Defence Ltd. - We are expecting the annual beach replenishment via dredger Sospan Dau to start next week, and to take about 8 days.  As usual all material will be r ainbowed onto the beach immediately east of Sovereign Harbour, in front of the rock revetment.   In total around 10,000m3 of sediment will be delivered. This is less than normal for two reasons;

1. Last winter was less erosive than other recent winters, so less shingle was lost.

2.  There has been a substantial build-up of shingle on the west side of the marina. Thus it is likely that at least 10,000m3 will need to be bypassed round the harbour and added to the beach as soon as the operation is allowed to start on 1st October.

Sospan Dau will deliver sediment over high water twice a day, taking about an hour to discharge each time. No machines will work on the beach, sediment being allowed to spread purely through wave action.

guilty dog02 August - Consultation on Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) - EBC are consulting residents and organisations on proposals to establish new PSPOs in Eastbourne.  Specifically these relate to an extension of the summer 'Dog Ban' order on central Eastbourne beaches, and to the extension of the 'Dog on Lead' order to additional areas, including the public walkways around Sovereign Harbour. The 'Dog [must be] on Lead' proposal does not include the Outer Harbour's beach-side curved prom, but it does include the walkway in front of Macquarie Quay and those around the west side of the Inner Harbour, the West Harbour and the North Harbour. The consultation closes 5pm Sunday 10 September. See web site for details and how to comment...   External link logo

24 July - Water feature testing - It is now deemed necessary to carry out a soak test of the feature and to carry out a camera pipe survey. Parts of the paths may be closed to pedestrians while contractors start excavating to reach the pipework. It is not known how long the work will take but CPMCL External link logo will endeavour to keep everyone informed.

21 July - Harbour Rent Charge – although the issue of the Harbour Rent Charge may seem to have gone quiet, we can assure members that SHRA, along with a number of committed individuals who have been challenging the charge for many years, are diligently researching the matter and continue to investigate a fairer and more transparent arrangement. The charge is discussed at every SHRA committee meeting, and we anticipate being able to make further announcements in the coming months.

21 July - New bus timetables. Here is a direct link to the timetables of the new 5 and 5A bus services. Click here... External link logo

21 July - Site 8 (Port Moresby Place) variations to plans (see below). SHRA remains concerned about the dispersal of rain water in to the harbour from the open space and from the new houses. We have made further epresentations on the matter to EBC planning in our comments on the developers second application (no. 170885). SHRA's comments...  

10 July - Site 8 (Port Moresby Place) variations to plans (see below). The developer has submitted a further application for the above. It includes the long-awaited drainage scheme. EBC planning External link logo application no. 170885. Comments by 30th July. Covering letter...

13 July - Harbour dog control orders possible. New council powers to tackle anti-social behaviour may include introducing dog ban and lead control orders in to the Sovereign Harbour area. There is little detail at present and any proposals will be subject to a future consultation. Read more in this EBC press release...  External link logo

10 July -
New Sea Safety Measure - A 5mph speed limit zone either side of the pier has been introduced by Eastbourne’s seafront team in a bid to prevent fast moving watercraft from entering the area after a flood of complaints and fears that jetskis and other craft may hit swimmers. Running from the Wish Tower to the Redoubt, a new line of yellow buoys will mark out the new 5mph zone, encouraging jetskis and other motorised or rigid craft to stay further out to sea, during the bathing season from May to September. Read more in The Eastbourne Herald... External link logo

clean car01 July - New discount for SHRA Members - Revival Car Services, a mobile car valeting company based in Sovereign Harbour have been added to the list of local businesses offering a discount to SHRA members (e.g. a quick weekly valet for just £20). Please visit their web site for details of their wide range of services including regular maintenance washes, paint correction services  and pre-sale and concours level detailing.  www.revivalcarcare.co.uk

28 June - Good News. The Eastbourne Herald reports that a new, two-lane road bridge is to be built at Exceat. Read more... External link logo

23 June
- Site 8 (Port Moresby Place) variations to plans (see below). SHRA submitted their objections to the variations (see below). Read SHRA's letter....

08 June - Site 8 (Port Moresby Place) variations to plans (see below). SHRA has concerns about some of the variations and we are seeking further clarification from the developer before responding to EBC. The closing date for comments and objections is 27 June. Site Notice...

24 May - Port Moresby Place plans amended. The developers of Port Moresby Place have put in a planning application to make some amendments to the original plans. The changes relate to paving areas and materials, landscaping, seating and the boundary railings fronting Pacific Drive. They also include enlargement of the visitor car parking area that appears to mean the demise of the old footpath beside the Southern Water pumping station. The planning application number is 170685. Covering letter... EBC Planning... External link logo

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