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Get Adobe readerBelow are the earlier SHRA news pages saved as PDF files. Please note that much of the information may be well out of date, links may no longer work, and that not every news item that has appeared is saved.


Qs3 &4 Jul-Dec. Includes: Pacific Drive roadwork, water treatment smells, beach work, policing.

Q2 Apr - Jun Includes: Alleged poison on beach; Anti-social behaviour initiatives; Wastewater Treatment work.

Q1 Jan-March Includes: Retail Park plans; Premier acquire The Waterfront & Site 4; SW Water works.


Q4 Oct-Dec Includes: Rentcharge Board Appointments; 'Dogs on Leads' order; Beach work; Community Centre plans approved, Site 6 access road plans approved..

Q3 Jul-Sep Includes: Site 8 variation to plan; 'Dogs on Leads' consultation; Beach work; Neighbourhood Panel Meting; Anti-social behaviour on harbour spit and Asda car park.

Q2 Apr-Jun Includes: Port Moresby Place (Site 8) variation to plan; path weeding; local authors books; community centre go-ahead.

Q1 Jan-March Includes: Community Centre plans submitted, SHRA Chairmen resignation.


2016 Q1 Oct-Dec Includes: Angelo Errigo RIP; Resignation of Ward Councillor: Welcome to Paul Metcalfe; Neighbourhood Alerts; Committal to the sea; Sovereign Shines.

2016 Q3 Jul-Sep Includes: Black swans return to marina; Sink holes on Site One; Seafront life saving equipment; Action Fraud updates; Neighbourhood Alert updates.

2016 Q2 Apr-Jun Includes: Resident say "Not in our Street"; SHRA AGM; Operation Krakan; Action Fraud updates; Neighbourhood Alert updates.

2016 Q1 Jan-Mar Includes: Marina rent Charge; Shingle build-up blocks harbour channel; Community Centre site contaminated; Police tackle anti-social driving.


2015 Q4 Oct-Dec Includes: Pacific House updates; Community Centre Updates; Planning applications for Sites 1 and 7.

2015 Q3 Jul-Sep Includes: Sovereign Harbour Innovation Mall opens; SHRA launches "Fill the Community Chest; Residents clean up beach; SHRA meets Secretary of State

2015 Q2 Apr-Jun Includes: Sovereign Harbour Innovation Mall updates; Community Centre site cleared; SHRA AGM; Borough Council elections.

2015 Q1 Jan-Mar Includes: Sovereign Harbour Innovation Mall updates; Development of Site Eight; Meeting with Secretary of State for DEFRA; SS Barn Hill commemoration.


2014 Q4 Oct-Dec Includes: Sovereign Harbour Innovation Mall updates; Illegal immigrants arrested at marina locks; Residents oppose use of bird of prey to control starlings.

2014 Q3 Jul-Sep Includes: Haven School Literary Festival; Operation Magpie; Devastating Pier Fire; Volunteer Litter Picks; Work begins on Sovereign Harbour Innovation Mall.

2014 Q2 Apr-Jun Includes: Master Plan application; Gold Award for PCDL; SHRA Chairman visits No 10; Harbour Carnival entry highly commended; 2014 Harbour Walk; Fish Stall for Harbour.

2014 Q1 Jan-Mar Includes: Winter storms batter beach; Extensive beach repair works; Road traffic collision cuts off harbour; Eastbourne RNLI second busiest in country; Sixties music event raises fund for carnival entry; Go ahead for harbour Innovation Mall


2013 Q4 Oct-Dec Includes: Launch of Neighbourhood First; Lucky the Cat goes missing. . . again; SHL submits planning application for remaining harbour sites; Innovation Mall planning application submitted; Community Speedwatch; Sunshine Carnival

2013 Q3 Jul-Sep Includes: Big Clean-up; Save the DGH; Adoption update; New "Loop" Bus Service; SHRA Notice Board repaired from proceeds of crime; New Marina Manager;
New Deli/Bistro for Waterfront; Cabinet Minister visits Waterfront.

2013 Q2 Apr-Jun Includes: Innovation Mall for harbour; Fishing Quay for harbour; New Street Lighting for Eastbourne; New waste collection contract; Neighbourhood First launched.

2013 Q1 Jan-Mar Includes: SW adopts foul water system; Lifeboat appeal raises almost £50k; Sovereign Harbour Supplementary Planning Document (SPD);SHL Master Plan.


2012 Q4 Oct-Dec Includes: Save the DGH campaign; Water Feature Action Group; Sovereign Harbour Supplementary Planning Document SPD; Fibre Optic Broadband.

2012 Q3 Jul-Sep Includes: New Seafront signage; Royal visit to name "Diamond Jubilee"; Save the DGH march; Sovereign Harbour SPD; incident at the sea locks; Water Feature campaign.

2012 Q2 Apr-Jun Includes; Eastbourne Plan; Royals name new lifeboat; Sovereign Harbour entry wins Eastbourne Carnival; Retail Park regeneration application approved.

2012 Q1 Jan-Mar Includes; Eastbourne Plan; Changes to SHRA membership; Dog attack; Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne Carnival Action Team (SHECAT); Digital Switchover.


2011 Q4 Oct-Dec Includes Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne Carnival Action Team (SHECAT), Harbour Medical Centre opens for business, New Tamar Class lifeboat for Eastbourne, etc.

2011 Q3 Jul-Sep Includes more on the Completion of Harbour Development, Retail Park Regeneration, Eastbourne Plan, Town Centre Regeneration.

2011 Q2 Apr-Jun Includes more on the Eastbourne Plan, Rent Charge admin Costs, Cormorant Pontoon, Kids Petition, HCA, etc.

2011 Q1 Jan-Mar Includes Eastbourne Plan consultation meetings and SHRA response, Sovereign boundary change, beach and dredging work, litter pick, torpedo netted, school expansion, bus link, medical centre build starts.


2010 News. Includes Boots Fire, Bus Link, Ten Years of Flood Protections, Medical Centre Progress, State of Site 11. 

2009 News. Includes Medical Centre petition, Advertising hoarding, Community Transport meeting, surface water charges, dog fouling.

2008 News. Includes: Community Council, Harbour WI one year old, Lorraine Dennis, Lucky,  Adoption of Highways.

September - December 2007. Includes: Adoption of Highways, Jones Homes appeal, Medical Centre, The Crumbles Story book.

December 2005 - August 2007. Includes: Planning appeals, Adoption of Highways, Sovereign Harbour Trust, Five Sites planning meeting, B&Q appeal.

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