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Sovereign Harbour Community Centre

Following two year's use as a NHS Covid vaccination centre, the Centre re-opened in 2023.  To mark the re-opening, Wave Leisure held an Open Day at the Centre for residents, local groups and organisations. Click here for an event poster...  Floor plan...  

SHRA has no involvement in the running of the Community Centre.  All booking enquiries should be made to Wave Leisure Trust.  Visit their dedicated website for more information:

2024 - The Handover

It has been announced that the organisation and management of the community centre will be handed over from EBC to a newly established community group, the Sovereign Harbour Community Association (SHCA).  SHCA will be a non-profit, Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) set up with an aim to deliver an environment, service and safe space for the community to come together for companionship. support, wellbeing and enjoyment.

SHCA are in the process of establishing themselves as a CIO and working through the handover process with EBC and Wave Leisure, who are currently running the centre on behalf of EBC.

A key to the future success of the community centre will be the contribution of volunteers with a range of skills and experience to help with the various activities and tasks a building and community hub of this nature requires.  SHRA have long been supporters of the community centre and its ambitions, and we will keep you posted as the project develops.

Events and Activities

If you let us know about them, we would be happy to promote community centre events and activities to our memebrs via the SHRA website and in Waterlines: email details to:

The History

Ever since SHRA was established in 2000, it has campaigned for a purpose-built community centre as envisaged by the developers in the original plans.  Despite promises and commitments by the developers and local council during the ensuing years, it was not until 2015 that a plan was submitted for the construction of a community centre on Site 5 opposite the Yacht Club.

Eastbourne Borough Council (EBC) appointed Sea Change Sussex, a not-for-profit economic development company, to oversee delivery of the project. Wave Leisure Trust, a charitable, not-for-profit trust, was commissioned by the Council to assist the previous Sovereign Harbour Community Association (SHCA), on all aspects of managing the community centre.

Site changed and size reduced

In 2016, the Site 5 land was found to be contaminated and was withdrawn.  An alternative area was offered on Site 7 for a reduced-size centre.  SHRA and the SHCA thought that the offered location was unsuitable, and believed that the reduced size made their commercial plans unviable and decided to sever their involvement.

Another new site

In early 2017, EBC and East Sussex County Council (ESCC) announced that they had acquired a plot of land for the community centre on Site 6, adjacent to the road leading into the Retail Park.


With Sea Change Sussex overseeing the project, construction begun in mid 2017.  Although the main construction work was completed within a year, the fitting out and the connection of the utilities was delayed many times.  Somewhat premature, drop-in launch events were arranged by EBC in March 2018 in Pacific House. These gave information about the centre and sought residents views on its uses. Click here for event's flyer...  However, it was not until December 2019 that events were able to take place in the centre.


As noted above, EBC appointed Wave Leisure Trust to assist the SHCA on all aspects of managing the community centre.  Following the SHCA's withdrawal from the project, Wave Leisure Trust oversee the management of the Centre until other arrangements can be made. The SHRA committee is concerned that  currently there is no direct local involvement in the running of the community centre.

Community Centre as shown on Planning Document
Community Centre Entrance

Managed by

Wave Leisure Trust

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