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Sea Defences Beach Work

Sovereign Harbour property owners are covenanted to pay towards flood protection work on the local beaches as part of the annual Harbour Rentcharge.

The beach work is carried out by Pevensey Coastal Defence Ltd (PCDL) on behalf of the Environment Agency under a Public Private Partnership (PPP/PFI) agreement.

The beaches are monitored and surveyed throughout the year, but most of the work is carried out during the winter months.

The work carried out

These are the main activities carried out by PCDL. Links are to the PCDL web site.

● Recharge - Shingle lost from the frontage every year has to be replaced. This is done using sea-dredged aggregate brought ashore by dredger Sospan Dau. More information >

● Recycling - Drifting shingle that temporarily builds up in some places is moved back to areas of erosion in large dumptrucks. More information >

● Reprofiling - Shingle is drawn down the beach in storms. It is pushed back to ensure the beach crest width remains wide enough. More information >

● Groynes - The number of groynes is being considerably reduced. More information >

● Beach surveys - identify any weaknesses in the defences and quantify when works need to be implemented. More information >

Shingle Bypassing

Shingle builds up on the south side of Sovereign Harbour because the southern harbour arm and the dredged entrance channel prevent the natural drift of shingle onward to the North Harbour beaches. This shingle build-up needs to be transferred to the north beach.

The annual shingle transfer or 'bypassing' work involves scooping up large quantities of shingle from the South Harbour beaches and then transporting it by truck to the North Harbour beach.

The bypassing is done in the winter and typically lasts a couple of weeks or so. Due to the narrowing of the beach frontage by the building of the White Point development on Site 1, for pedestrian safety the beach area is fenced off while the bypassing is being carried out.

The bypassing is essential to help in the replenishing of the shingle lost by tidal drift from the north beaches, and without it the seaward entrance to the harbour would become blocked by the build-up of shingle.

PCDL Bypassing Info Sheet...

More info on the PCDL website >